URBIN Retreat

URBIN RETREAT is a relaxed colive / cowork space created to cater to coastal communities offering guests a budget conscious lifestyle through responsible green living and working. URBIN Retreat features colive, cowork, and an extended-stay hotel component alongside wellness amenities and a robust food and beverage program, open to the neighborhood and community. Situated on Washington Avenue, the project will offer 10,319 SF of leasable workspace and combined 125 living spaces across hotel rooms and co-living residences. The ground floor will house F&B options including grab and go snacks/meals and a bar fronting Washington Avenue offering entertainment to guests and residents. Touzet Studio has been awarded the architecture contract. Developed in partnership with Location Ventures.

Current Status

Under Construction


Coliving & Coworking


An idyllic scenario in a privileged location

Co-living and extended stay living spaces

Leasable co-working spaces

Rooftop pool with sunbeds

Gym & spa

Additional Amenities
Storage spaces
Communal relaxation areas
Opt-in meal service, housekeeping and personal training
24/7 security & concierge
Ground-level restaurants with public access
Grab-and-go food options
Steps from Ocean Drive and South Beach
Miami Beach police department, city hall & USPS in close proximity